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Welcome to Violet Peak

We are an employee-centered company. This means we believe if our employees feel happy and trusted to do their job in the way that best serves the situation, our customers will also be happy. For many of our employees, this is their first job. We aim to help them grow and be better prepared to leave college. We also provide free coffee for our employees, which every college student needs! 

Come and visit us to see what keeps our loyal customers returning back day after day!

Our Story

We opened as Gravity Cafes in the Fall of 2019. We started with two locations in the Engineering Center on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder. By February of 2020, we were already expanding. We opened a small kiosk location in the Koelbel Building (right next door to the Engineering Center and home to the Leeds School of Business). In August of 2021, we opened our next location in the Koelbel Building. 

This year we are excited to announce our rebrand! Violet Peak has wonderful connotations with Colorado and our purple mountains and showcases the feeling and heights we want to achieve! 

Interested in joining our team? 

Click the button below to find out more about our barista positions and the current status of hiring!


(303) 953-4785

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